About Us

Permalink Wednesday, March 14, 2012
When we founded Packetloop we wanted to create the kind of tools we needed to analyse the threats posed to our customers. Firstly find the threats that are easily identifiable, determine what is normal, contrast that with what is anomalous and what is new and finally periodically process the same data set to look for Zero Day (0-day) attacks.

Security tools capable of this kind of functionality either didn't exist or weren't capable of processing terabytes and terabytes of network data. In addition to just processing this data, we also wanted to be able to store it in a manner that allowed is to query years and years of data. Trillions and trillions of packets and conversations. With the ability to process and store all of this data visualising it is key. We knew to be successful the way we visualise Threats, Sessions, Protocols and Files would be key.

The dual concepts of Big Data and NoSQL gave us basis for the Packetloop platform. Packet captures can be uploaded, processed and stored for online analysis. Our background in Security Consulting is used to drive the intelligence of finding threats, mis-use and anomalous traffics.

We figured if we could solve this problem for ourselves it would be invaluable to people like us and the kind of customers we consult to - and Packetloop began.

Visit Packetloop at http://www.packetloop.com/.