13 Feb 2013

Packetloop Commercial Release - you can upload!

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Today we are super excited to announce the commercial release of Packetloop! This means you can now upload and analyze your own packet captures, finally unlocking the power of Big Data Security Analytics in the Cloud. 

We had an incredible response to our Beta program and the feedback has proved invaluable in finalising the product you can use today. We kept a few cool things back from the Beta especially for the commercial release, including a beautiful new User Interface (not that we didn't like the old one!).

You will now be able to store months or years of data in Packetloop, and constantly re-evaluate it using the most up to date threat intelligence available. Most importantly if you do uncover a previously undetected attack in your data, Packetloop gives you the ability to rewind the data and fully understand exactly what the attacker has done since they first attacked your network.

Best of all there is nothing to install. You simply grab packet captures from points around your network where you need a better understanding of the threat activity, and upload it to Packetloop for processing. No large capital outlay, no talking to sales people, no complex integration. Signup to explore and understand the threats in your network.

Over the past 18 months, we have solved a lot of complex issues on how to store and search the data, and the end result is the ability to seamlessly zoom in from a view of years of data to a view with just a few minutes of data. The ability to present the data from different perspectives such as the source, the destination or even the attack itself, and then filter it rapidly to isolate a single attacker or attack from billions of packets.  These are the features that allow Packetloop to provide you with clear intelligence about your network.

Because Packetloop is delivered in the Cloud, we will be able to deliver new and exciting features and updates to you constantly. We have an exciting roadmap of new features and modules to share with you in the near future, and these will only serve to extract more value and intelligence from the data you have already uploaded to Packetloop.

I could carry on here for hours about features and benefits, but we are keen for Packetloop to speak for itself. We need to thank a lot of people for all the support and encouragement we have received from within the information security community globally, so thank you! Finally I would like to acknowledge the herculean efforts of the Packetloop team in creating and delivering such a wonderful product.

We hope you enjoy using Packetloop and we look forward to working closely with you to better understand the security of your network.

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