22 Jan 2013

Packetloop On Premise

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We are receiving a lot of questions about when we are going to make Packetloop available as an on premise appliance solution. The fact that these requests are coming before our commercial release is humbling and we really appreciate your interest and support.

We understand that there are some legal or regulatory situations where your data simply can't leave your network. Whilst we are committed to releasing an on premise solution for Packetloop in the future, please keep in mind we are still a small company, early in our development phase, and with limited resources (time and money) we have had to choose a direction that gives us the best return on effort and gets users working with Packetloop.

Packetloop is designed for the Cloud, and part of our rationale for the product was to make Big Data Security Analytics accessible to everyone and unshackle it from a significant capital purchase. Our Cloud approach is simple:
  • Easy to use - just upload a packet capture, no complex integration needed.
  • Cost effective - pay per GB you upload, no large capital expenditure.
  • Agile - the cloud allows us to continually deploy new software features quickly and frequently.
  • Scale - terabytes and terabytes of data that make our product more accurate and intelligent.
The risk inherent in uploading captures to our service is different from customer to customer and can only be calculated by you. Some of our customers have little concern as they are tapping their Internet connection above their perimeter firewall. In this way sensitive data is already protected through encryption. Others are looking at monitoring sensitive networks and absolutely require an on premise solution.

We have four methods of uploading captures to Packetloop:
  1. Web Upload - drag and drop or select packet captures for upload.
  2. Secure File Transfer - batch or schedule upload using SFTP.
  3. S3 Bucket - provide access to your S3 bucket for us to process storage packet captures.
  4. Send us a disk - send a USB drive with up to 8TB of packet captures to us for processing.
The roadmap for all 4 methods of upload is to support encrypted archives where a passphrase (optional) is required to decrypt the packet captures prior to processing. In this way they are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Once all of our upload methods are complete we will focus on other solutions for you to access Packetloop. Currently we are looking at:
  • Packetloop Onsite Appliances - depending on the speed of your network and the period you wish to retain your data for a number of Packetloop Appliances are installed inside your network. By stacking these appliances (2 RU servers) we can scale the compute, storage and database required to run Packetloop on premise.
  • Packetloop CloudTap - your data is tapped as it flows through a Packetloop geographic instance that we manage either via BGP or via a Direct Connection to your data centre. In this way all data passes through our implementation and there is no requirement for data to be uploaded. This has the added advantage of allowing us to process and update the application in real time.
  • Packetloop AMI - a downloadable Amazon Machine Instance that receives packet capture information from systems you operating in EC2 or VPC and forwards the data to Packetloop allowing us to update it in real time.
Now the question I expect to get is ....WHEN!?!?. At the moment our focus is 100% on the Cloud and delivering what we said we would on that platform. We want Packetloop to do what it says on the box! Once we deliver everything we are currently working on, we will shift some focus to these solutions.

As you can see, we have a lot on! The best way you can help us get these alternative solutions to market is to support us by uploading to www.packetloop.com once we have the commercial Cloud release out!

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