15 Jan 2013

Packetloop Beta Release is here!

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After nearly two years of development, many sleepless nights and lots of coffee, Packetloop is ready for its Private Beta release, and ready to let you experience Big Data Security Analytics first hand!

In creating Packetloop, we wanted to develop a tool that we would want to use everyday, that would assist us in unravelling security incidents and understanding what happened during an attack. We have certainly achieved that, as we love using it and we are constantly marvelling at how quickly Packetloop finds us exactly what we are looking for, even in huge data sets.

This release will feature our Threats module, and will give you the opportunity to explore and understand the power of Packetloop and work with some well know public data sets. You will quickly see how Packetloop allows you to visualize terabytes of full packet capture data, and how it enables you to focus on specific attacks through intuitive filtering and beautiful visualizations. Most importantly you will witness the speed at which Packetloop can explore the data and bring you results.

We had an overwhelming response to our invitations for the Private Beta and we will be bringing on Beta users in groups over the next few days. If you have registered for the Private Beta, keep checking your mail as we will send out login details and a key to access Packetloop over the coming days. If you haven’t yet registered for the Private Beta, there is still time! Head to our sign-up page and get registered and we will send you an invitation.

At this stage we are only supporting Google Chrome browser, but we are working on additional browser support for the commercial release, as well as additional modules that will allow you a deeper look at your data.

The Private Beta users will be fully supported by our Service Centre, and you can log tickets at support@packetloop.com or by clicking the Support link once you are logged in. We will also be sharing and discussing the progress of the Packetloop Private Beta through our Google+ page, via Twitter (@Packetloop) and this Blog (blog.packetloop.com). We really value your feedback, and encourage you to communicate with us on anything to do with your use of Packetloop.

The ability to upload your own full packet captures for review will be available in a few weeks time when we release the commercial version and we will keep you posted as to the release date. For more information on the commercial release or to talk to us about using Packetloop in your organisation, contact us at info@packetloop.com.

We hope you enjoy using Packetloop as much as we do, and know that it will become an invaluable tool for security professionals everywhere as they continue to deal with an ever increasing volume and sophistication of attacks.


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