28 Sep 2012

Packetloop Early Access

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We are almost there! The last month has been spent on internal testing and refining the first release of Packetloop. We have now started an Early Access phase, providing access to a handful of our customers and industry experts to get some initial feedback and also to watch how they interact with the platform. We are very keen to see whether it answers all of the questions they have, that are not answered by current security platforms. So far the response has been very positive, with our Early Access users commenting on how easy Packetloop is to use and more importantly get results from quickly.

Once we have completed this Early Access phase, we will release the product to general access starting with the Threats module. This will allow you to create an account and explore Packetloop using the sample data sets we have provided. These data sets will give you a great insight into Big Data Security Analytics, and how Packetloop can help you gain clear network intelligence from your network data. At that point we will also make our upload features available, so if you wish to upload one of your own packet captures, you will be able to do so using our low monthly pay as you go fee structure. You can jump on our website and sign up to be notified when we release.

In October we will be in Melbourne at Breaking Point, and Michael will be presenting at Ruxcon. His talk, Finding Needles in Haystacks (the size of countries) is a continuation of the research into Big Data Security Analytics presented at BlackHat Europe earlier this year. If you are going to be at either event, look out for us as we are more than happy to discuss Packetloop's approach to Big Data Security Analytics with you in more detail, or give you a personal demo. We hope to see you there!