1 Mar 2012

Welcome to Packetloop!

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Hi, about 10 months ago we set out to see if we could create a better way of analysing and understanding the complex security threats that our customers were constantly facing.  Nothing in the market could process the type or amount of data we wanted to review, and that was before we looked at what it would cost our customers to implement.

Packetloop was born (although we didn't know what to call it at that point) and the last 10 months has been chaotic, interesting, and rewarding, all at the same time. The creation of Packetloop has given us an even deeper insight into security and uncovered ways of processing huge amounts of raw data that we didn't think were possible. More importantly, the guys have focused on creating stunning visualisations that present complex security relationships in ways never before seen.

Right now we are putting the finishing touches to the software before we release it in Beta form to see what you think of some of our core features.  For the time being you can check out more about Packetloop at www.packetloop.com, and be sure to register to receive your invite to our Beta.

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